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Nyaya yaZodwa Wabantu ndeyeyi?

Zodwa Wabantu was scheduled to perfom at the Harare International Carnival in September. However, Anne Nhira sent a complaint to the then Acting Minister of Tourism, Patrick Zhuwao. Anne (Vimbai from ‘Studio 263’) complained that Zodwa is not really a celebrity but a socialite whose gimmick is to dance without panties. In his response, Zhuwao assured Anne that Zodwa would not perform and that the relevant ‘authorities have been notified’.

The ZTA further clarified that Zodwa would be allowed to perform at the Carnival, but on the condition that she wears panties.

Iye ‘Zodwa Wabantu’ achimbova ani?

Zodwa Libram (31), popularly known as ‘Zodwa Wabantu’ is the leading dance lady of Eyadini Lounge, in Durban. She rose to fame due to her dance moves in tight dresses, high heels while holding a ‘Savanna’.

She claimed that ‘Underwear makes me uncomfortable.’s and in some of her dance routines, she does expose her privates.

Zvaakafanana na Gringo...

Zodwa aka fanana na Gringo. Zodwa’s hairstyle and facial features make her look like the famous Zimbabwean comedian Gringo. The two met in Bulawayo during one of Zodwa’s perfomances. zodwa wabantu with gringo

Bulawayo performance


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