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This website is part of an effort to make Shona content easily accessible. Shona content is scattered all over the internet.
Most of it is 'locked' behind social network walls, like facebook, whatsapp and twitter. Locked in the sense that you cant 'google' or 'bing' the content. Try searching for chinoz jokes.


ZvaJokes was a popular Yahoo Group for sharing Shona/Zimbabwean humor in the noughties. The group 'died' because of spam and the rise of other social platforms. We realised that the new platforms for sharing jokes were duplicated across different platforms. We decided to create a centralized platform, like ZvaJokes was before.

We seeded our database with jokes scraped from ZvaJokes. You will find [linkto Muzenda] Dr. Muzenda jokes, Kabila jokes etc.. which were scraped from ZvaJokes.


We have a Submit page where anyone can submit their joke/nyambo. When the site was launched, we scrapped jokes from ZvaJokes.

We currently add jokes that we get from Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups, Twitter, and vaious other sources.

Ndowana sei nyambo yandoda?

This site exists so you can find Nyambo yaunenge uchida nguva iyoyo. Here's how you can navigate your way around the site:


Tags are used to group nyambo. They represent a theme or keyword in the Nyambo, example tags would be "chinoz" or "gore rezvidzidzo". Each tag has a page where you can see nyambo dzese dzine tag iyoyo. We also have 'Featured Tags' on the right side bar of each page. This is a randomised list of tags.


We also have a search page where you can search for a nyambo ine specific word or phrase.


Kana usiri kunyatso ziva kuti urikuda nyambo ipi, unokwanisa ku clicka pana "Random" menu. Inondo shara nyambo one at random.


Whenever you have a list of more than 25 jokes, we bring in a pager at the bottom of the page. an example is on the home page, where you can navigate to all the pages.

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