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Interviews nevakomana ve nhabvu

Dumisani Mpofu
Interviewer : Dumi, you really seemed to enjoy the game
Dumisani: Yes, the game was very much delicious.

Memory Mucherahowa
Interviewer: Memo, how do you feel about scoring such a beautiful goal? 
Memory: I feel immediately! 

Moses Chunga
Interviewer : So Moses, tell us about your family.
Moses: I have one kid. I also have two brothers. There is one in front of me and one behind me. 

Cephas Chimedza
This interview took place on Cephas's birthday.
Interview: Firstly, Cephas we would like to wish you a happy birthday. 
Cephas: Thank you, thank you, same to you.

Francis Chandida
Interviewer : Francis, you seem to have hit such a rich vein of form and you also seem a lot fitter. What is your secret?
Francis: In the morning, I get up and run away. 

Musareka Jenitala 
interviewer : Musa, you have just played an amazing game to help your team win, where to from here?
Musa: I am going home.

Peter Ndlovu
Interviewer : Peter, those were three beautiful babies you put away behind the net. How do you feel?
Peter: Aah iam so ashamed, I just do not like it when these women tell the whole world.

Johannes Ngodzo
Interviwer : Johannes, how does it feel to be man of the match?
Johannes : Actually yes!

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