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Mandela, Mondela, Randela

 Mandela square. 

Mandela street. 

Mandela theatre. 

Mandela bridge.

Mandela bay. 

Mandela day. 

Mandela stadium. 

Mandela coin. 

And now, introducing Mandela banknote, Mandela condoms coming


Nxt time when you go to the doctor he'll tel you suffering

from Mandela virus.What's next???? 

Next year the days of the week will be Mondela, Tuesdela, Wednesdiba, Thursdiba, Fritata, Sartertata, Suninhlahla...

South Africa soon to be SouthTataMadiba.

Agh f*tsek mahn I'm leaving this country!! How much is a taxi to

Zimbabwe?? "10Randela??

chinoz - aircon

A journalist ask cde chinoz: "do yu have any comments about the death of mandela. "
Chinoz: " oh yes yes. Africa has lost an aircon"

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