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Zimbo in Hollywood

Pane muface akaenda kuStates kuya kunonzi kuHollywood. Saka muface uyu
angaapreswa neweti. Muface akamanya kuchimbuzi ndokubva asvika
akazama kuita open door rikaramba.(occupied)

fastest modes of comm?

What are the three fastest modes of communication?
  1. internet
  2. telephone
  3. tell-a-zimbo

Iwe! urikuda kuti dzingisa basa?

A certain man from Zimbabwe wanted to go to London(Harare north) sezvamunongozivawo kuti vanhu havachagara muZimbabwe.

When he arrived at Gatwick he was told in London there was no more place for Zimboz he was very disapponted and kept on asking for the permission to be in London, they persisted that there was no way he could be in London unless he wanted to work in a zoo. 

He happily accepted the offer he was told he was going to work in a zoo and act like a chimpanzee he was given the attire to look like one.The manager of the zoo used to boast around saying he had the most intelligent chimpanzees in the zoo, certain visitors to the zoo wanted to really prove it and they asked one of the chimpanzees to jump into the lion's den, unfortunately it was our friend from Zim.

On jumping he yelled as loudly as possible "YOWEE MAIWE!!!!"The response that he got was shocking "AH iwe urikuda kuti dzingisa basa here"that is when he realised he was safe
for these were his fellow friends from Zimbabwe who had gone under
the same hiring procedures. NHAI NHAI CHII?

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